Biological STP

  • Biological STP
    Bisineer® offers Moving bed biofilm reactor as biological sewage treatment plant variant. With this application Bisineer offers advanced waste water treatment solutions for the industrial and municipal markets. These solutions significantly increase the capacity and efficiency of existing sewage and waste water treatment plants, while minimizing the size of new plant deployments.

    How does it work

    • The MBBR process uses carrier elements (plastic carriers, PVA Gel beads) to provide sites for bacteria attachment in a suspended growth medium.
    • The carrier elements allow a higher biomass concentration to be maintained in the reactor compared to a suspended growth process, such as activated sludge.
    • The biomass grows on small carrier elements that move along with the water in the reactor. The movement is caused by aeration in the aerobic version of the reactor and by a mechanical stirrer in anaerobic version.

    Biological STP.

    • Works on the principles of attached growth / suspended growth process.
    • Media Supports the biomass in MBBR.
    • Convenient batch operation in SBR.

    Media Used in MBBR

    The media includes the small carrier elements which allow sites to retain active biomass within the bioreactor, thus eliminating the need to control mixed liquor suspended solids(MLSS) by recycling active sludge from secondary settlement tanks. Carriers can differ from each other in material composition, shape, specific surface area and treatment capabilities.


    • Pre-fabricated 25, 50 & 100 KLD plants available.
    • Complete FRP tanks in 25 & 50 KLD plants ensuring longer life.
    • MS with FRP coating in plants 100 KLD and above capacities.
    • All pre-fabricated reactors coated with FRP to enhance life.


    • All types of industrial and domestic wastewater.
    • Both organic as nitrogen removal.
    • New plants or system upgrades.
    • Limited footprint.


    • Well designed plants.
    • Low capital cost.
    • Complete Automation possible.
    • Stand by for all critical components.
    • Prompt after sales service backed with years of industrial high strength waste water.

    Capacities Available

    Sl No Capacity(KLD)
    1 25
    2 50
    3 100
    4 200
    5 300
    6 500 and multiples of 100
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