Gas Water Heating System

  • Gas Water Heating System
    BISINEER® gas fired integrated hot water generator system is a shell and tube construction and consists of Hot Water Generator unit in which Caloriefier OR Mixing tank commonly called Tank is integrated into the Hot Water Generator without any need for circulatory Pumps to circulate hot water between Calorifier and Hot water Generator.

    The System will have Rock wool Insulation provided to the inner shell and outer cladding is done with aluminum.

    The Hot water system comprises of the following:

    • Hot Water generator integrated with Caloriefier.
    • Gas Burner.
    • Thermo-sensors.
    • Flue vent pipe.
    • Control Panel Board.


    • Solar integreated with Gas Available.
    • Solar integrated with heat pump systems available.
    • Sophisticated monitoring gadgets with BMS / BAS options available on request.


    • Mild steel Inner shell + Aluminum Cladding.
    • Mild steel Inner shell + Aluminum Cladding integrated with Solar Collectors.
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